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Dr. MacDonald speaks on topics for parents, teachers, and business and medical professionals. 


Recent lectures:

Touchy Topics: A better way to talk to your kids about sex, scary stuff, and peer stresses​​

Her presentations also include:


  • Is it Me or is it Him?  Self-Awareness in Professional Relationships

  • A Healer's Heart:  Work-Life Balance for Doctors

  • Being Captain Winters:  What WWII and Tom Hanks can teach us about leadership

  • I’m a Dancer:  Developing a healthy identity in the world of dance

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Communication

  • Motivation:  Why are people the way they are?


  • Nurture and Socialize:  The heart and soul of parenting through the lifespan

  • The Top Ten Mistakes Even Really good Parents Make

  • The Top Ten Best Things You Can Do For Your Children

  • The Parenting Pyramid:  Building a Foundation for Thriving

  • Respect:  Where did it go and how can I get it back?!

  • Home Supplies:  What kids need to succeed and thrive

  • Parenting Your School-Aged Child

  • What Children Need: The care and feeding of very young children

  • Talking to Kids about Sex

  • The Mother-Daughter Relationship

  • Your Adolescent:  loving, leading, and letting go


  • Self-Responsibility: Why is it so hard when self-blame and excuses are so easy?

  • Dr. Amy’s Guide to Good Relationships in 5 Easy Steps (even if you’ve been hurt in love before)

  • Recovering from a Painful Childhood (so it doesn’t keep messing up your life now.)

  • Forgiveness:  How to be OK when what happened wasn’t OK


  • Parent-Teacher Communication

  • Everyday Psychology for Teachers

  • The Noble Profession:  Understanding stress, burn-out, and reward in teaching

  • Give it to Me Now!  Entitlement in schools


  • Talking to kids about God

  • Where Are You, God?  Accessing spiritual resources during a crisis

  • It happens and God Loves You:  Finding faith when you don’t believe what everyone else believes

  • Hope and Faith



  • The Healthy Marriage:  Intimacy, Commitment, and Passion



  • Women, Food, and Sex:  Understanding Women’s Hungers


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