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Couple's Therapy

Most couples don’t arrive at therapy because they haven’t tried hard enough; most of them just need ways to try something more effectiveA good relationship can bring great comfort and rich satisfaction to our lives, and a poor relationship can bring significant stress and deep sorrow. 

We take a direct, supportive, and solution-driven approach to couple’s therapy. We seek to understand the nature of a couple’s problem and begin moving toward creating relief and hopefulness within the first sessions.  We help couples to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts respectfully, and make decisions collaboratively. We focus on self-awareness both within the individual and within the couple to increase empathy and to recognize both useful and ineffective patterns. 


We have extensive experience with couples managing:

- Phase of life problems

- Infidelity

- Parenting conflicts

- Anger

- Sex and intimacy issues

- Money stressors

- In-law conflicts

- Remarriage and family-blending challenges

- Division of labor resentments

- Loss of the “in love” feeling

- Communication breakdowns. 


We can help both the high conflict couple and the low connection couple (the ones who can’t start talking, and the ones who can’t stop fighting) as well as the ones who just need a little assistance in getting back on track.

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